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Design in Practice


 Doing what you love  will definitely bring piece of mind to continue to elevate yourself  to the level of what God intented you to be.  

Anchored in Experience



Founder, educator and designer, Guerda Pierre loves to infuse her Caribbean roots and culture by continuously updating the brand’s signature aesthetic with inspirational designs, vibrant prints and colors to create modern silhouettes in detailing the perfect fit to flaunt the right curves of the figure. The company is now relocated in Brooklyn, NY from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
She migrated to The United States and resided in Brooklyn, NY at  a younger age.  During her high school years in Brooklyn, she developed a  deeper passion for fashion while helping her sister Michelle with her sewing project, fell in love; and decided to buy her first portable sewing machine with her first summer paycheck and the rest is history.
Guerda studied fashion design at Newbury College in Boston, MA, Florida International University in Miami. FL and Academy of art University in San Francisco, California. She has worked in the fashion industry both in NY and south Florida and gained knowledge and experience that enabled her to venture on her own.  She is also a former fashion design/fashion merchandising professor at The Art  Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida where she spent 12 years and had the privilege to share her knowledge  of expertise to teach others to become successful in the fashion industry 

Building Relationships


 I truly believe in this quote " You become successful by helping other become successful"   That is the key reason I have been teaching others in order to share my knowledge and expertise.  There is no greater feeling seeing a former student elevating to the road of success.  With Lordana Fashion Academy, my goal is to reach students world wide and teach them how to become successful in the fashion industry.